Forrest Lee, B.A., was born and raised in Boley, OK. Mr. Lee attended the University of Illinois, Oklahoma State University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oklahoma City University.

Mr. Lee is a fourth generation business-person.  Upon graduation, he returned to Boley to work in one of his family's businesses.  Mr. Lee's father, M.W.Lee, Sr., had patented a commercial barbeque cooker and started M.W. Lee Manufacturing Company to manufacture that invention.  In the early 1970’s, the brothers formed a company called LeeFac, Inc. The company was successful in obtaining the largest 8(a) contract from GSA in the nation at the time. LeeFac employed 80-people in the Boley operation. The company's name was later changed to Smokaroma, Inc.  Mr. Lee, and his brother, Maurice, developed it into and internationally known company.

In 1990, Forrest Lee, then president of the company, sold his interest to his brother, and retired for a couple of years. In 1994, he went back to work for Feed The Children, where he quickly became Director of Fulfillment. Mr. Lee was responsible for the distribution of over $100 million dollars of donated items

per year.

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CEO & President
Forrest Lee